Responsible Bird Feeding

If you enjoy feeding and watching your backyard birds, then you probably want to do as much as you can to practice your hobby safely and ensure the birds’ overall health and well-being. Here are some guidelines to help you maintain a safe bird feeding station for your birds.

  • Provide multiple feeding stations in different areas of your yard to disperse bird activity.
  • Provide seed from a bird feeder rather than scattering it on the ground.
  • Keep areas clean under and around your feeders.
  • Keep fresh seed in the feeder and be sure it doesn’t get moldy.
  • Clean your bird feeders with a 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water solution or using child friendly dish soap.

The following strategies will help improve the health and safety of birds.

  • Rake up and discard seed debris and bird droppings from the ground below and around feeders. Continue to clean these areas on a regular basis.
  • Use antimicrobial bird feeders such as Wild Birds Unlimited EcoClean® Feeders. These feeders have built-in antimicrobial product protection on the treated surfaces.
  • Store all bird seed in rodent- and insect-proof containers to avoid contamination.
  • Also store all seed and bird food in a climate controlled space. Most effectively inside your home.
  • Use feeders that are made of recycled material as they are easier to clean than wooden feeders.
  • Always discard any seed that has become wet, moldy or foul smelling.
  • Avoid handling sick birds and always wash your hands with soap and water after filling bird feeders.

If you have any questions regarding the health and safety of your birds, feel free to come into your local Wild Birds Unlimited and let our Bird Feeding Specialists assist you.